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"A transition to clean energy is about making an investment in our future" - Gloria Reuben (Environmentalist)

Sherman Energy Ltd is an EPC that was established in 2016. Since its inception, the company has been focused on providing clean, affordable and abundant energy solutions to its clients. Being an electrical engineer himself, Director and General Manager of Sherman Group, Sumidit Issar was always fascinated by the renewable energy sector. He envisioned his goal of creating and supplementing energy through upcoming technology and innovative research. After closely working in the energy sector with various foreign companies in the past, he decided to start his own venture. Today we are associated with various FMCG, Textile, Educational institutions and Real estate developers. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the energy sector and wishes to enter new markets around the globe.

Although the market for solar energy solution providers in India is extremely competitive, SEL has carved out its own space and cemented its place quite well. Being an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), we provide quality products and world class services. Moreover, we have a team of educated professionals like engineers, technicians and support staff that practice safety and work around the clock for your complete comfort and ease. We have a very strong network of technicians to look after support and maintenance once the panels have been installed. Our support team is always ready to cater to the needs of the client. We have a wide range of marketing and advertising teams to support our organization. Our marketing and sales team includes veterans who have contributed immensely in the solar energy sector as well as other sectors like IT, Real Estate, Cement and Electrical.
Our strong ethos makes us a fast-growing organization in this competitive energy sector. Today Sherman Energy Ltd has installed more than 5+ MW of solar rooftops all over India. Our aim is to bring electricity through clean and renewable sources only.

Priority of the company is the struggle for ecology

Balance is our priority: Now employ a clean, durable and money saving source of power.

Time to harness wind, water & sun

It's time to harness the wind, water and sun: With immense potential it has the ability to boost the economy.

We love clean energy, the Renewable energy

Renewable energy is clean energy: Make smart, practical and economical decisions.

Our Numbers

A leading giant for solar power, we at SEL make sure to provide cleaner energy solutions for your home and the industry. We meet the highest environmental protection standards and our visions and missions make us a trailblazer for innovation.


Implemented projects for the introduction of solar energy

With high quality solar panels that cater to your every need we have implemented several new projects for the introduction of solar energy.


Implemented projects for the introduction of solar energy

With the strength of more than 15000 hardworking employees we offer the best customer service and commitment.


Implemented projects for the introduction of solar energy

With the growing need for sustainable means we have installed 5+ MW solar panels in residential and industrial sectors.

5+ MW

Implemented projects for the introduction of solar energy

We have connected to more than 5+ MW of solar panels all over the country.

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